Let me explain Anatomy of love.

  • You meet a girl and you both fall in love with each other’s outer personas! Yes we pretend most of the time in our life and people who fall for us  quickly, in reality fall for our outer mask called personality . Soon we tend to become our genuine self and this Mirage washes away!. Thus people who are not that deep in understanding of this anatomy, drift away. This has happened to you exactly. Earlier you might have projected your self as a tough happening guy but instead you were an emotional person. It didn’t went well with your predefined persona!
  • Hence it is always advisable to take a lot o time before saying yes or proposing to any one. Your girl friend (Potential) may have a short temper, she may be moody, she may take trivial things to her heart, she may be very ‘jealous’ type. She might project only goodie self before you, but you must be prepared for all imperfect human behaviour also. That is love. Loving completely and unconditionally.
  • Just become whatever you were before meeting her and she will crave for you again.But please don’t ask her out again.
  • Don’t hate her either. Its not her fault. Its in the working of mind. She will grow, become mature an regret later.

Follow what Osho says : Watch your mind, always.

PS : Don’t cry for her. Her mind will not accept it. Become strong. She was not bad, neither were you, its only the timing and working of mind!

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