LDR is like love letters era back in action.

  • Just message him at times.Don’t expect answers every time. Everyone is busy. Some times they just smile and have nothing to answer.Just like a love letter, you can write along email or message at the end of day or two days or week, describing what you felt etc. It is much better than ‘hey, whats up?’. Look these kind off instant messages are good when you can catch up in 1 hour. Bu tin LDR, these are meaningless.
  • Rule 2: Text can always be misunderstood. Do not rely on judgements derived from texts. Always believe on in person chat like Skype or phone call . How we behave  on text is always subject to personal judgement.
  • Love is about discussing your problems and telling some funny incidents or  asking som advice.It is not always ‘My baby’ and ‘My shoooona’.

Contact only when you really feel the need and not when you ‘think’ it the time.

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