Poor people are poor due to their belief system.

Robert Kiyosaki and many of the likes (Malcolm Gladwell) , have repeatedly shown that poor people process things differently in their minds.


  • The mentality and view if life is rich or poor and not the particular person.History is filled with examples for people from all classes, back ground and educational criteria and still rich or poor.Rich people process things differently. They seek opportunities in every thing.
  • My observations (Including known research)
    • Rich people give a lot of time and money for self development.On average rich people watch TV less than an hour a day, while poor people watch it for more than 4 hours per day.
    • Rich people invest in them selves, self help books, motivational CD, seminars, hire coaches to teach them quick and fast.The quote from warren buffet fits well.
    • Rich people take calculated risks.
    • Rich people want others to be rich while poor wants others to be poor. Rich people create wealth for themselves and others while poor peop0le create money and that for themselves only.
    • Rich people network while poor people gossip.

Wanna be rich, then invest in yourself, take some risk, try creating wealth and help others grow.Your networking should be for helping others and not using them. People can read your intentions.