People cheat.It’s not about gender.

  • They find it a boost to their ego and self esteem, to have (Acquired) multiple partners.
  • Some men are romantic and find many women attractive.They don’t cheat as such.But they just want more experiences. They might have one real partner, the primary, but she may not be fulfilling all their needs. Hence they make multiple alliances. I don’t take it as cheating.Everyone has different needs.Let me explain. Suppose some one likes to have intellectual chats. But his partner is either not ready, has no time or incapable, then he may find some one else mentally stimulating. Cheating is not only about sex. Sex is just a biological affirmation of strong relationship (Due to its biochemical part of Dopamine,Oxytocin and Serotonin). Its natural. You kiss, hug and have sex with people you really like (Unless you are just a sex addict).
  • Some people cheat for casual sex also.Others do it to take some form of validation also. Suppose my partner has got many suitors. She has multiple proposals at her disposal always. She may take me for granted and my life sucks!. I will seek validation at other places. I will flirt with many other girls so I know my worth!. This is a common scenario with guys having attractive partners. His partner might be cool but she may (Always) have options at bay. Men don’t have many options rather they have to seek them!
  • Some people are polyamorous.They find it acceptable and ethical to have multiple partners (I have no objections with it).I don’t count it as cheating.It’s just a liberal view of life.

In summary it’s all in the belief system of any person.

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