Girls are weird. No body can understand there weird behaviour. Remember two things.

  • They are irrational and moody (Biologically).They will become weird and not confined to those five days only!. Never try to predict they behaviour but always take averages. In one month moving average, gauze her love quotient.Also do not contact them very often. Their mind keeps on drawing weird conclusions like; he is needy,getting clingy,he has no other job etc. They do not think that you care but think that you are jobless!
  • Every behaviour of girl (Your girl) does not pertain to your doings!. She might be upset over the fact that there are more likes of her friends Insta feed than on her feed! . Don’t try to rationalise her behaviour with you in focus. Girls are often happy with minimal contact and effort. Why ? Because they are hard wired to snoop!. She knows each and every like and comment you did on social media. Because girls know that that boys are flirts (Ask any girl in committed relationship) and often eye many girls at any given time. She is sexy,her friend also looks good in that hot red dress and do not forget her best friend, the way she smiles is just awesome. Its inbuilt in men. We can’t help it. Our antenna will seek signal , always!
  • Girls snoop on you to find of your real intentions. They wanna know that they are the one.Girls also forgive your minor crushes here and there but major crush is often frowned upon and you can expect a silent treatment from them.

Hence after initial love expression and all, stop all that clingy behaviour (For both sexes). You love her, she loves you,its clear beyond doubt, now allow her space to breathe!.

There are phases in love. Initially love dovy, 24 hours chatting. Then a bit silent phase, usually after love confirmation from various sources and also due to small ego.This is the real break up zone!. Tread with caution. Why me ? I am superior. Why should I message her, look she started it all!…And thousand other questions. The best approach is to do nothing and let love saturate. it becomes a vicious cycle also. If love is real you will surpass this BZ and then smooth ride ahead. this BZ keeps coming back but later frequency will be lessened.

Just chill and tread carefully. Be silent.