Act you age as if …

I have friend ranging from 6 year to sixty years or more.Thus what age I must ‘act’ ?

I follow Bruce Lee here.Be like water my friend. With six year old,I am a kid. With sixty year old,I am a student or whatever. With younger friends of the age bracket in teens and young adult,I am their bro from whom they can get any advice (mostly on dating and relationships tips).

We have no inner age.We never change.The person whom you soliloquoy all day is never changed since you are aware of him.Internally we all are of same age.

I don’t really care whom I am with ,neither of their age, gender,religion,sexual orientation as long as I am having a good time. I believe in the Osho’s philosophy that life must be a festival ever.We should not and must not wait for events to enjoy life.Whole life is a festivity.I believe in living in moments and living the moments.I don’t mourn of past and think of future.I only have present and nothing else.The promised future dates of fun never come.We always have problems, stress and they always shall be.If I am not ecstatic today, how can I be tomorrow? Go to that beach today, walk under morning due, slow down a bit, stop for a while and you shall find enlightenment.

Life is wonderful only if you know how to live every moment without validation, without argument and without complaining.