Step 1 : Test your love. Do you really love him or just infatuated.Just cut off from him for 21 days. no contact, no snooping, no whats App status check, nothing. In these days your mind will easily filter love vs attraction vs lust vs infatuation vs every thing else combined.

After confirmation, let me give you a tip. Boys are hard wired to look out for sexy girls. If you are not sexy, you have very little scope.

  • Change your get up, get a bob cut or any nice hair cut.loose weight. Girls look 200% better with loss of just 10kg. Take care of your skin, your communication skills.
  • Once he is hooked to your charms then only you can know him better.Forget his love and all time pass stuff. Just work on yourself. See the magic.

via I like a guy but he already has a girlfriend which, he says, is for time pass .He does not seem to be interested in me.What should I do?