Ever heard of forbidden fruit!

  • We love our ideal and not always the other person. We hate things missing in our life and try to full fill them via others. You lack social skills, yes you like that popular guy!. You are not that hot, oh that hunk is what you want!
  • Leave the examples, notice my words, you like, you want, you need…where is love! Love is for equals. Raise your standards and not your aspirations. The best journey is towards inwards. If you fail, always look in the mirror and find the missing part.
  • We often raise our expectation to the sky. No one is perfect. Why don’t you team up with that nice guy who follows you on Insta or FB like mad!.
  • You don’t know the power of true love. Give them a chance and see that they beat all those you follow by a mile.(And please fuck that evolutionary brain!

via Why do we always fall in love with one whom we wont ever get?