Corporate Life Hacks : How to benefit from resignation?

We all have ups and downs in our corporate life. Learn some corporate life hacks if you have to resign from your job anytime.

  • Always resign as if you are leaving your family and moving to your spouse’s house.
  • Always say good-bye to each and every one. Even you enemies (Read competitors).
  • Give tip (Money) to those who work below you.Always. These people really love you and help you. I have many people who are like friends to me, like watchman, lift man, pan wala, auto wala. They are real people. They don’t know hi-fi English but they have nuggets of wisdom (Not bookish knowledge). Off course I have those hi-fi secular FB/Social media bashing/protesting friends. You know they are fake (Most of them) and are more of a ‘strategic alliance’.

Always ask for a future advice from those above you and at par with you. You will be surprised how much people know and can tell you about life. Every body is full of experiences. You only need to ask them. Think in this way. Every body learns some of the gem in his whole life. You get those gems with just 20 minutes of tête-à-tête.

He (She) who is the humblest is always at the top.

  • Exchange emails. Yes people change their numbers often, close their FB accounts but emails are often once in a lifetime affair.
  • Say thanks to all of them for the wonderful time.
  • Till the last day work as if it was your first day. This attitude is visible and most attractive quality of any employee.
  • Clean your desk.Finish all your job and tell what is the progress in each job assigned to it. It’s best to submit a written report of all your work progress, so that they can take references later.
  • Whoever is replacing you, help him understand every thing.

Last but never the least, Please say sorry to those whom you have hurt, knowingly and unknowingly. Don’t forget those whom you friend zoned. Tell them they are good.

Be good,Be happy.