Girl friends can teach you many things.

  • How to chat/talk on phone in code language in front of your parents so that they never know who is on other side!
  • You have no idea what fashion is and how to match t shirts and jeans combinations.
  • How to make sense out of nonsense and nonsense out of sense!
  • How to bitch about almost any thing!
  • How to convince you to tell about your latest ‘crush’ to her, by playing ‘I will say nothing’ card and fucking your peace of mind for the following weeks/months/years about ‘what you saw in that BITCH’.
  • They often teach you the power of ‘silent treatment’.
  • They force you to learn ‘telepathy’ and ‘mind reading’ from a distance of around 16.22 km to be precise!
  • They teach you ‘how to remember all those fucking dates such as ‘Jab we met’ and ‘Happy birthday to you!’.
  • They teach you ‘How you can fool yourself to do anything for just a sweet sexy voice or a simple tear laden sound!’
  • They show you that you are still a two year old kid. ‘Mera babu so gaya, uth gaya,khana kha liya…’.
  • They show you the real meaning of the maxim ‘The boss is always right’. You will soon know who the boss is.
  • They prove to you that every thing was wrong with you, till you met them and after you met them every thing became perfect!
  • You will learn this couplets real meaning

हम आह भी करते हैं तो हो जाते हैं बदनाम, वो कत्ल भी करते हैं तो चर्चा नही होता…

(I am cursed even for breathing fast and they are set free even for killing).

  • You will learn shopping means ‘teen ghante ka chutiyapa!’ (Time waste for three hours).