I was in South Bombay a few days back. In the rush hour just to get a cab is a big achievement in South Bombay. I tried several running taxis but as always they never even bothered to look a tme let alone stop.

After running cab frustration, I tried Ola and Uber. The usual trip cost from Marine drive to my location (Airoli) is 900/-. But Ola was charging 2.8X surcharge, close to 2500/-. Again the wait time wa sin the upwards of 25 minutes (For both Ola and Uber).

Getting a local train in evening mad rush hour was never a good option (I have First Class pass though).

I needed a hack to get a Uber to my place and that too in reasonable cost.

Then I get struck with a novel idea.

On the Uber App, I tried to book a cab towards same direction (i.e. no rush southwards). I just punched in a nearby location in which I knew there was no rush.

Bang, in five minutes wait time four options were available.

I booked a cab.

As soon as cab arrived very near to my location, I changed the destination!

Cab driver arrived but was insanely mad and perplexed. We all know that Uber or Ola never disclose the location to the driver before they arrive at the pick up point. Then how come there were no cabs down north but 4 cabs down south?

The secret reason is that Uber allows drivers to select directions in which they want to go. They might not select the destination but can select the direction. I confirmed this with the driver.

I got following benefits.

  1. I got a cab!
  2. I got a cab in very less waiting time!
  3. I got a cab with southwards normal rates and not 2.8X insanely costly rates. In fact I paid only 597/- much less than the normal rates! (Because Uber has fixed rates, they factor in wait time too in the fare. The wait time is based on the direction).

I used the hack because I was with my family with two small kids.

I request all to use this hack only in emergency. If all of us start using it too frequently, Uber Might patch it.

Use it but never abuse it friends. It may save someone’s life some day (If their ar eno cabs nearby and the person wants an emergent medical help or otherwise).