5 things I resisted in my life

  1. Alcohol , even though pressure was immense. I was called a baby,milk used to be ordered for me. They even barred me from eating snacks, if I don’t drink! They told me about the medical benefits of rum! How it prevents heart attacks! Etc etc. But I said no like protagonist in movie pink…no is a complete sentence.
  2. Smoking : Same as before, I was tempted like none before. But I just love the movie,pink!
  3. Brothels (Call Girls) : Again I was in Dubai, the sex hub of Asia. Everybody did it for fun or on the pretext of being alone. They called me impotent, arranged Viagra, fixed free sex sessions, gave (offered me money to try it once!). But I never surrendered. To me sex without love is hollow. I’m quite sexy but only to those I can love.
  4. Falling in love : Sometimes you know the outcome of certain relationships​. I resisted falling in love with people if I thought we can’t complete it. It is most difficult task but I did it many times. My love was reciprocated, but I resisted as it was not going to happen. It’s always easier in the beginning.
  5. Open my real self : Many people call me Playboy,flirt, lover boy,seducer,charmer and what not. Yes I am a bit naughty, I easily like people but I open my real heart to very few people. I kind of resist to expose my vulnerability for true, unconditional love. I resist that deeply and I can switch really fast. I’m confusing,kind of I am not present. Sometimes I vanish from my mind and you kind of fail to gauge me. In my meditative states of mind, I am not present.

I’m simply not there at times,to whom you could read or respond. Kind of scary but true.