Don’t rise in her eyes,but in your own eyes!

  • Learn : Intelligence is sexy. Every one is sapiosexual. You knowledge about life in general will give you peace of mind. Just take any good book and start reading. I would strongly recommend human psychology and some philosophy. Fiction is also fine as fiction is almost human psychology.Reading makes a man.
  • Work out : Your body will be your friend longer than any one else in this world. Take care of it.
  • Learn fashion sense : Dress better. Your dress is your most personal choice. It speaks volumes about you.
  • Learn to cook : Yes cooking saves life. If you can cook well, you are a better human being.
  • Learn some skill out side of your core area. May be painting, some sports,some magic tricks or may be Marshall arts.

The key is to become better for your self and not to please others.

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