If I can write a love letter to me. Wow. I would go gender free. I will consider myself a romantic interest and try to woo my self.

Dear love,

I know you are tough on surface but there surely is a child residing inside you. I can sense the inner child of your which some times comes out in conversation and I also see how fast you shun that away! I hate that but cant say any thing.

I know you love silence. I know you love calmness. I know you are not materialistic and I also know that you hide all that with perfection. I hate that sometimes.

I know you were soft,simple and sober. I know you have faced harsh realities of life which made you hard on the surface and I also know however thin that layer is, how difficult it is to break that layer.

I hate some times that you don’t even trust me and always put me under tests, always suspect foul play and always treat me with caution. I hate it sometimes. I try to be patient and cry alone at times all because of your unforeseen behavior.

You are infinitely moody. Your mood can change in a jiffy!. I at times fail to understand you and feel that I have done some thing wrong. I know you are intelligent and you understand human emotions well. But some times you are too unruly and rude.

But I hate my heart too. Even after knowing all this, I do love you and can’t help. I tried going away from you but some how couldn’t stop my self. You have some unknown charm, an undefined aura, which always pull me back. Its strange that you never force me to come back. Never call me back. No pressure from your side but still I am pulled like a magnet. I guess you know my weakness and always pull me by unknown invisible threads.

I hate when you hold your love. I know you are ultra romantic and can make life a living romance but past experiences have made you a rock and hence you love rock songs!

You are ultra miser with compliments and think that I will get arrogant. You don’t get romantic as you think that it makes you less manly. Some times you get lost in the world, your own world and I find it difficult to connect. Still I control. You can’t think how much I think about you. I am always connected to you with some unknown thread. You don’t know how many times I reread your messages. I can’t tell you that but I really love you. You hurt me at times,accuse me of wrong doings which I never did,still I don’t complain.

I really don’t know why I love you but I still do. You capture my imagination and when you are there, no one is there. You control me and my emotions with out doing any thing directly!

You are a jerk at times, whom I still love.

Yours and only yours


via If you could write a love letter to yourself, what would you write?