Nice guys who are great lovers some times become great players.

Every player I have known had one true lover and rest as time pass. If you are not a great lover, don’t understand a woman completely how can you become a player ?

  • Players are greatest lovers but to only selected one!
  • It is just misuse of power they have.Usually they do it for sexual pleasure and sometimes just to check their charming abilities. Seducers do it for sex and charmers do it for numbers only. They are not interested in sex but they love to lead and confuse as many girls as they can!
  • Any how, if they fall in love with you, they truly love you and many players have changed completely.One good girl can create a great lover out of a best player.They like attention, they like being pampered, they like a care taker. If a player is pampering you too much, you are doing nothing great to extend the relationship and you feel that its you charm alone that is running the relationship then, you are being played!
  • He must crave you but when you are also contributing. Its a common trick that players play. They play the victim. They look smitten by your charms and it looks that you are leading them!
  • Want trick to win a player. Be a genuinely innocent girl with them.Just be natural. No games as they are very clever to see through. They can only be ensnared by innocence.In fact you need no tricks , no make up and nothing extra ordinary. It is these girls who always win the race with greatest lovers of all times.