If you belong to a good family and have a decent stable career, its not that difficult.In India 22% of people live below poverty line.Poverty in India which is just official number. These are people earning less than $0.5 per day,INR 32!

Then lower middle class is also another larger debatable chunk.Indian middle class is 24 million, not 264 million: Credit Suisse . The well off people, i.e. people having income which can sustain a better life for spouse and children are about 12%. Thus there is a shortage of good grooms in India!.

If you are hard working and have means to sustain your wife, then you will find many girls over there.Even by stating that, it is difficult to get a girl to marry you in love marriage scenario (Not date you!). Girls love by their own choice but marry according to their parents wish!.

Very few girls are there who will take a stand for you and very few families support their decision.In metros the situation looks a lot better but in semi urban and rural areas its quite depressing.

Never confuse between dating,loving and marrying in India.

How difficult is it to find a girl to marry in india?