Worst feeling : Mutual unrequited love

  • She loves you
  • You love her
  • You both know it
  • No body got the courage to express. (This is true story of my life)

I wrote about it in too many of my answers (Hope she can find it some day.She is an Bengali lassie, intellectual and hence she must be on Quora or may come in future.). She is not on FB, Instagram or any other popular social network.Some time I will share the whole story in some answer. The strangest story of body language, gestures and clever laser shows!. Every thing was said but nothing said!

[pullquote]Love between two intellectuals is very difficult.[/pullquote]

Love between two intellectuals is very difficult.

Best feeling :Genuine Spark in some ones eyes

This is a strange instance. I have the ability to create(induce) some sort of hypnotic trance (I have observed it many times). Whatever name you give it,let me explain the mechanism. I follow Osho and his ‘observer’ method to clear my mind. Some times my mind has no thoughts!

In this state of my mind, I don’t know why some people loose their ability to think rationally (not all people but some of them). This has happened enough times that I narrate one incident and you can relate.

We were roaming in a park (me and my family). I went out side to purchase some snacks. The total was 30/-. I gave her 50/-. She returned me 70/-. I smiled and said ‘Are you sharing your day’s profit with me also?’. I told her the complete maths involved. Shivering with joy, she said ‘thanks!!’.

The spark of priceless.

PS : One more time I gave an courier agent 100/- for 70/- courier. He returned me 430/-. It keeps happening with me almost every week. I buses, in autos,in cabs. Every time they fail to calculate correctly when they are conversing with me.

Possible reason could be, that when my mind become thought less it stops getting affected by other people’s mind and gestures. We are used to see others getting affected by our personality at least to some extent). But my calmness intrigues them and a part of their mind is focused on ‘why’ part of my behavior. Hence I make double sure that I count money got back from these local vendors etc. A 100/- here and there can make or break their day’s earning. It may mean evening meal for them and their children.

The thankful surprised glance is priceless. The few bucks maybe every thing they have in their life, for that time.