Luckily (Barring one single case) , I was always crush of my crush. Whatever, you must behave normal but start to distance your self from her. Your mood, talk, sense of touch and everything must change but only subtly. She must know that ‘some thing’ if not everything, is wrong.

  • Stop behaving like a ‘very good’ friend. She must know now that you two are not just good friends.
  • You must not be too upset either. Be normal and do your regular work.
  • Don’t propose a girl when she is in some sort of trance of some one else.
  • Allow the dust to settle. Don’t tell her bad stories of other guy and behave as if he doesn’t matter.
  • Only these things are in your control.

PS : Feel jealous BUT never show it! (Very important). This is true for both sexes. Suppose my ‘love interest’ mentions some guy and asks me about him and I become jealous and insecure, she becomes more interested in him!. She might wonder that he must have some thing which made you jealous!

Same is true for girls. If your guy mentions or asks some one’s picture or number or any thing just out of curiosity never and I say never react in a manner which is visible to him. If he senses that you are jealous , you will make her a competition, who never was!. He might think that ‘what is so strange about her which makes my girl jealous ?’ Must be some thing!

PS2 : Guys have a habit of teasing their girls with their friend’s name (Girl) or creating fake stories about them. Suppose I have a girl friend, I may ask her ‘Do you know ‘Insert any of her friends name’ ? The way she reacts tell mew two things.

    • Is she jealous ? Yup she loves me. (Jealousy is a sure sign of love).
    • Is he insecure ? Opps…Then that girl might have some thing! (Bad Move) Insecurity is a negative emotion and jealousy is a positive one. When you are a bit jealous means that you don’t like him to mention other person’s name. When you are insecure, it implies lack of confidence in your self, your better half and relationship.

PS3 : The best reaction is to push her to him! (If you know that she likes you also). She will be intrigued by your reaction and always admire your confidence.

PS4 : Use discretion. Not valid for all the people. If she is very simple minded (Which I doubt any one or ‘some one’ is now a days), she may take it as a validation!. Every girl is different and hence no general rules.