I know a girl is losing interest in me when I am loosing interest in her!!

It’s a two way road for me. If she seems less interested, my interest also goes down!. I do not take whole responsibility to carry forward a relationship. To tell you the truth, in my college days, I was BORED by many girls due to their ‘hide and seek’ behavior.

If you don’t stir your interest regularly, it also will settle down in me. A bad mood can last 3 days, maximum,After that it is either ‘ego’ or ‘tantrums’ or ‘manipulation’ or anything else but love.

If you don’t love me, ‘who cares ?’

Love comes without sound and leaves also without a noise!

[pullquote]Love is guaranteed only by love.[/pullquote]

Love is guaranteed only by love.

Source: How do you know when a girl is losing interest in you or is just in a bad mood?