Topper of your class!

Nice bio for getting a boy friend. Whatever…[pullquote]Love is some thing which cannot be stopped.You fall into it.[/pullquote]

Being a topper does not entitle you a boy friend nor refrain you from it.I need to understand love. Love is some thing which cannot be stopped.You fall into it. Right ? If I have to go and search love then it is called hooking up!

  • Love is emotion and not logic.Your score in poetry and literature matter more than your mathematical ability to integrate sin4x+cos4x.sin4x+cos4x.
  • Love will find you and if destiny have it, it will come to you. No body goes in search of love. Love is already every where,its only when the bells start ringing!
  • Wait for the bells to ring.If they ring, go for it. Approach only if your heart can’t stop it.If you can stop your heart through logic, I am damn sure that it is not love!

[pullquote]Love starts when logic fails to start.[/pullquote]Love cannot be stopped.Whatever can be stopped is just ‘reason’ dressed in love. It’s just like ‘I love her’ because…Write an essay in 300 words!

Love starts when logic fails to start.

Source: I am 17 years old Indian girl. Should I search for boyfriend. I think I am alone. But I am topper of my class. Is it necessary to get closest friend?