I can’t lie here. I was on Quora since last one year. I guess some random Google search brought me here. I was so so active, might be occasionally. My real activity came after 12th Feb, two days before Valentines day.


  1. I had bit more time since exam time was on full wave and students were all busy in last minute battle.
  2. There was a secret ‘inspiration’ who reignited the writer in me.
  3. Many of my initial answers lost track due to secret influence of ‘some one’.
  4. Only the concerned person can relate to all this mess. It is so intricately interwoven that very difficult to predict from outside.
  5. I must thank secret ‘someone’ for being my indirect inspiration.
  6. Yes I know you read my answers and I must thank (I am too complicated to say it directly) you for what ever I had achieved on Quora. You are soul of my writing and almost all content is inspired by you in one way or another.
  7. I owe you a party next year as discussed before. Be there till then.

Becoming happy, be good… You are indeed a sweetie pie.

Never change for anyone. Originality is sexy, rest is marketing.

PS : Stop using that ‘dove’… Try Patanjali.

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