By physiology, boys are rational minded and girls are emotional. Our evolutionary role plays are responsible for it. In earlier times men used to go to hunting and women were responsible for children, house keeping and management.

  • Boys are more adventurous in nature.They explore multiple things on any given day. They are more curious and thus have many methods or short cuts or you can say ‘Jugad’. This often gives them upper edge in dealing with things like exams which often rely on short cut methods and planning to learn a lot of things in short amount of time.
  • Girls are emotional and hence subjective.They often do not resort to shortcuts, important questions and also cheating!. They think linearly and are more right minded.
  • The jinx is breaking fast but still it has long way to go.As girls will get more liberty to explore their world more than boys, they will also peak in every sphere of life. I have firm belief that women will take over men in next 20 years or less.

Next decade is going to be women dominated and no doubt about this.