My girls!

  • One girlfriend used to call me ‘Jalebi’. I used to argue with her that I am very ‘Seedha’ (Simpleton).
  • Other one used to call me ‘dodo'(Harmless).
  • Let me tell you something about ‘someone’. She is eccentric and very jealous type.Her mind ‘stops working’ if I flirt with any other women in front of her or she become suspicious (I don’t know how ? I am too cautious you know!, Joking!!).Whenever she will try to tell me that I am going parallel, she will say ‘My mind stopped working’ !. This is cute. She is short tempered mentally and can’t take any jokes on my flirtatious nature.
  • These songs are common to all my love stories

  • Song for my true love (Bengali damsel)…

  • My fav movie (DDLJ) ‘Some’ people find it ordinary 😦

  • My life…(Don’t draw conclusions.Watch full movie instead!)

A good girl can treat a bad boy…

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