1. Relationships
    • Girl having boy bff : Just a friend.
    • Boy … having a gilr BFF … You cheat!
  2. Marriage
    • I want a six figure earning NRI groom : Compatibility
    • I want a sexy slim girl with white complexion : Skin digger male mentality
    • Note this argument can go both ways.
  3. Negotiation
    • I will take at least one crore for my IAS son. I spent so much on him.
    • How dare they ask dowry for my daughter ? She is already so talented. IAS son sitting next to me and is gloomy faced by this societal pressure!
  4. Job
    • Its your own company, son. You must work overtime.
    • Salary time : All late reporting taken too seriously. You are an employee again from beloved son!
  5. Love
    • Don’t kiss me, I am not ready yet…Female ‘My choice Advertisement’
    • Not in a mood baby … umm…need Viagra…!
  6. Love 2
    • Why not picking my call ? I am busy…
    • Why not picking my call ? Ignoring me!
    • This one is gender neutral.
  7. Life
    • We are equal : Need equal pay!
    • Everywhere else : We are weaker sex, give us reservations, ladies first, get up for us when we are standing. Weaker sex!
  8. Reservation
    • Oh you are backward class : How disgusting ? You are racial!
    • I am back ward class (shouts loud) : Give me reservation forms and dare you ask for fees!
  9. Marriage 2
    • My working wife’s salary : Her personal bank account. Only for her personal expense.
    • My salary : Joint account; all common plus her personal expenses!
    • Exceptions are there.
  10. Government
    • Just got my work done on time, got my subsidy on time,cleaner cities … wow Modi rocks!
    • Increased taxes : This government sucks. Kab aayengein achche din…pheku sarkar! (when the good days come…bluffy government!)

We all are product of double standards, including me.