Automate your savings

Put aside a fixed percentage of your total income (at least 10%) in an automated RD or FD or SIP.

Try cool off period before purchase

If we stop impulsive buying our house will have less garbage and out account will have more money.Research indicates that if we stop for three days for any big purchase, we will never purchase unnecessary items. It takes three days for mood to change and euphoria to settle down.

Have emergency fund

Always stalk up three to six months expense in your saving account. In case of emergency, you can avoid impulse selling of your precious investments.

Count your money

People who record their expenditure and stay in a budget always end up saving more.Every month when you ‘reflect’ on your records our mind draws better insights and plans things in a better way.

Avoid Car/Home loan

I have explained in another answer of mine how a 13% loan and 10% RD/FD/Investment can result in loss of 200% for loan taker in just five years. Calculation is easy. Your total gain is 22% as you are avoiding -13% and gaining +10%!.

Invest on yourself

Warren buffett has said ‘The best investment is investing on yourself’.

Join a new course, gym, yoga classes, new personality development course, new skill or whatever.The returns on investing on yourself are infinite.