Yes and No ; Both

  • He may be of suspicious type.He may like you but by your behavior consider you ; either a slut or taken or casual.
  • He may be of confident type and may not even notice your act!
  • He may be player type and make you infinite times more jealous by talking,hugging and what not with count less girls! (Can you take it!).
  • He might be of lover type and may get really sad by your gestures. True lovers sometimes cannot digest you liking someone’s post on Instagram or Facebook. The worst part is that they sometimes silently walk away and never turn back!
  • He may be of narcissist or egoistic type and may cut you off for a long time!
  • He might be a jealous type and may be tempted to come to you.

PS : Know his type. Be mild in whatever you do and immediately retract if things are going out of control.

Caution : People are often different with different people. I may be very extrovert with every one but might be very shy with ‘someone’.

  1. Know his type.
  2. Know his type with you.
  3. Tread with caution. Once seeds of confusion are sown , it is very difficult to get rid of them!
  4. Do this ‘make you jealous’ step ONLY after some rapport has been established. Create tension ONLY when some thread is created!