10 Most annoying habits of Gym goers

  1. Every rookie (one week old) giving unsolicited advice for form.
  2. Guys working out and getting orgasm at the same time (ahh…aaahhhh…)!
  3. Sexy girls in tight neoprene pants disturbing concentration of testosterone laden males!
  4. All male trainers giving free advice,suggestions and tips to sexy females and treating males like dirt!
  5. Those few creepy rookies who try to coerce every sexy girl for becoming girl friend and these girls stop coming at there time!
  6. People getting huge in two months with the help of juices and supplements and considering themselves as Arnold in making.
  7. Almost every one obsessed with arms and biceps and having sugarcane skinny legs!
  8. Some guys coming only twice per month and working out whole months quota and making everyone feel jealous with their mega workout sets.
  9. 90% of guys developing no muscle and remaining in same shape even after a year.
  10. Couples, one only cardio chap, always on the phone guy,shirtless builder,old uncle trying 5 pound dumbbell,sexy girl coming only to distract,nice guy who never had a girlfriend, fat guy who lifts the maximum weight,skinny guy doing maximum leg press,noon only guys and many other typical characters.

Gym is a good theatre.