10 harsh lessons of life

  1. In love, always give less than necessary to get more than required. All time tested rule.
  2. Money cannot buy happiness. Fuck happiness and focus on comfort money can buy.
  3. Most important thing in life is relationship.Money is the lubricating oil for relationships (of any kind). Without it they get really rough!
  4. Greatest lovers are usually lonely.Greatest players get most of the love. (Experienced both).
  5. Yes true love exists. I am still finding!
  6. All those nice guys and simple girls,leave everything and please learn mind games,dating secrets, seduction and covert psychology.
  7. Men never commit before sex and girls never give sex before commitment. You know your strong points now.
  8. No girl is super simple and no guy is innocent prince charming. We are humans. Accept the limitations of your partner.
  9. Love blind’s you initially and open’s your eyes afterwards. Be ready for all phases.
  10. Life is not as tough and people are not as bad as we see on news. Neither life is not as easy and people are not that good and sober as we see on movies. Life is balanced.