Parents don’t know about these common things (Taking teens into perspective)

  • Their kids are great actors.The nice, sweet, innocent girl in the house might be beauty queen of Instagram and might have several boy friends in succession.
  • Their kids know way more about sex and relationships than they can ever imagine.
  • They are hard core porn addicts.
  • They use more swear words among them selves than you can even think of.
  • Their daughters are also masters in using these so called ‘cuss words’.
  • BC and Bose DK is also another name of their besties.Girls prefer bitch.
  • They are heavy drinkers at times and they know more rum and smoking brands that you may have heard in your life time!
  • They might have visited Goa with their partners in that pseudo all school trip sponsored by you!
  • They have enough ‘barriers’ (read pass codes,hidden folders,hidden apps etc.) in their cell phones.You can never get their secrets just by browsing their phones!. Better safe guard your stuff from them!
  • When you tell them to go to other room when a ‘KISS’ scene is coming, they might open XXX porn on their mobile!
  • Your innocent kid might have done ‘all’ in his or her college room behind lab, while you are trying to hide that shitty condom ad from them!
  • Many kids carry condoms in their pockets.Who know when the need might arise!
  • Kids have a code language of their own.When she is saying that Call ‘Shalini’ also for the birth day party who knows ‘Shailendra’ might be invited in front of you!

Never underestimate the power of a normal kid.