These factors shall affect future price of gold and silver.

  1. New world order
  2. Global currency reset is on the cards (not global economic collapse).
  3. Gold and silver will at least go 100 times in a reset. But that will happen only when gold is reset in dollars. Gold is valued in dollars and not bolivars. After dollar collapse, gold will shoot to moon (Along with silver).
  4. With current gold to silver price ratio, silver will go 5 times more than gold.
  5. With no reset also, silver has true price at around 80$ an ounce.
  6. I guess near 2022 silver will blast. The up move will begin at around 2020 (Since metals have 20 year economic cycles).
  7. Silver will peak at around 2028 and will never come down its peak for next 20 years since then. In 2050 we will see silver prices cooling off.

In investment, patience is the best investor. Learn from waffet and employ in PM.

Have a gold day!!

Repost from my comment How Will Gold & Silver Perform In A Reset? Look To Venezuela For Clues