This is a repost from a Youtube comment of mine and I have modified it to suit answer.

Why people don’t take losses in share market if collapse is imminent.?

It takes guts to take losses.But I predict that one last time we will seem infinite boom…I feel a time will come when people will sell hard assets like jewelry and house to buy stocks.

Only then the crash is justifiable.If I were illuminati, I would have done the same. Money in banks is a liability for government but money in stocks is ‘subject to market risks!’.

It shall come in next two years. End of 2020 is a crash.If not then party will go to 2028. They cannot crash unless public puts their hard earned money and assets into the market. I guess they will link your property to social security and may assign it some online dollar equivalent cryptocurrency like ‘propcoin’. You can then easily invest your procoins in the market!!

Second prediction is gold backed saving accounts.

Deposit your gold/silver/jewellery to the bank and get card to spend. Otherwise all wealth will get transferred to India/China/Russia (Disclosure : I am from India). Hence elites will bankrupt everyone except few and that too through ‘Market risk oriented’ stock market!!

The signs of crash are the days when your driver and housemaid advises you about mutual funds and stocks.They have worked hard for 100 years to establish this system and they will not let it go lightly.

Yes stocks will bust, wealth will be transferred twice, once when they sell it high to you and again when they buy back at lows. Friends this world, economic system is not going to crash, only wealth transfer is going to occur.

About NWO and one world currency reset, I guess that will happen only when we all are chipped and all money is online (digital).Not sooner than 2028.

My advise

1. Put 30% of wealth in precious metals.That 80% silver till silver reaches at 1:50 ratio with gold.Then convert silver to gold.

2. Do not invest in new property. You will get it much much cheaper after 2022.

3. Do not panic.Slowly accumulate silver for now.

4. You still have at least 2 years for a crash and 10 for NWO.

5. Put some wealth in high quality non financial stocks. Avoid banks etc. Put 20% in stocks for now only when they are beaten down by fake news.Remember FB and Amazon crack up recently.

Have 50% liquidity with you with 20% cash and other in savings accounts. It will help you to buy things when they are cheap.

6.Prep for future,have six months food, some ammo etc. but don’t expect venezuela like crash and loot. That will not happen.

They will do whatever it takes to have your faith in authority and system. System and authority are their power and they will never let it go.

Avoid business channels totally.


Added from a different youtube comment 

1. Comments are awesome. They at times teach different perspective.
2. Markets will crash.Want to know when? They will crash when everyone will stop believing Mike and Lynette. People will sell gold and silver and property to buy stocks.
3. It might start around 2021-22. In next three years people will start laughing at Mike and lynette kind of people. Most Of preppers will start to believe in Modern Money theory.
4. Till then we must see a very high euphoria in the markets. All times high like never seen before. Right now markets are in ‘caution’ mode. There is an instant sell off after each peak. Market has a sense of crash. Crashes never happen when there is a ‘sense’ of crash. Crash always occur by surprise.
5. They must implement prop-coins and gold-coins (crypto). You can deposit your property and gold in cryptos and sell them instantly for stocks!! They will have to make commodity more easily convertible to fiat.
6. Gold and Silver will surely shoot to Mars. But that will happen when they have control of 90% of physical gold and silver under their possession.

a) Buy in small quantity.
b) Have the faith, not in Mike but in fiat!! It will go.
Bitcoin will rise and in the end become zero. Bitcoin is priced in $$. Bitcoin is backed by $$!!!
c) Venezuela like crash will NOT happen. It will be a controlled crash. They are just testing waters in Argentina, Venezuela and Zimbabwe.
d) Silver is money, gold is wealth, rest is illusion.

This is another youtube comment

They will lure dying masses with crypto money and chip. 1000$ of cryptos a month as universal basic income for all will make people riot for microchipping!! If you have to choose between dying of hunger and living with chip, you will chose chip. More than 80% of world is already very poor and broke. They will be happy with that free money. Just Like Animals fed in zoo and concentration camps. 2028…The NWo begins.

One more youtube comment

 Suvimal Sharma  US economy is 25% of world GDP and China’s economy is 15%. Combined these two are almost equal to world economy. Indian economy is 2% of world GDP.

We will be washed away just by US dollar pulling out of our system. We are too insignificant. US dollar will be last to go. We will finish much early.
You can buy one month of food , living in 100 gm silver in an economic collapse scenario. Collapse can stay upto five years.Thus on immediate basis you must have 3 months of month’s expense = 300 gms of silver (i.e. buy immediately without waiting).
Again for long term you must have 6 kgs to survive collapse. ANything more than that would be bonus.
Collapse will not come in a day. It will slowly engulf in 2-3 years. Hence I recommend buying about 150 gms per month.
Even if you have money do not buy at once.
Buy small denominations like 10 gm to 100 gm in the beginning. After 2 kgs witch to higher denominations. The Best bar weight for preservation and storing is 250 gms. It is the most popular and gives most bang for money.