I believe many people might get offended with the blatant arguments of this article. Audience discretion is advised.

  1. Men vs Women (voyeuristic vs hypergamous ) : How many times you have heard this fact that men only want sex or women only love money? In psychology there is this bias called ‘blind spot bias’. We always neglect our own weakness while arguing about others.
    1. If women want only money (success/comfort), men can also be accuse don only wanting sexy good looking partners.We all are selfish.
    2. Every love story has an element of selfishness to begin with. It is true that hormones do play a big role in nurturing love but still at the back of our mind we always have pre conditions.
    3. Yes true love does happen but it takes years to develop and surface out. Unfortunately in the era of attention bias we don’t have time and energy to pursue the same.
    4. We hop from partner to partner eventually finding the same flaws in everybody we start to like! We all are humans and hence not perfect. Stop finding perfect partners and you shall find the best for you.
  2. Seduction vs Cosmetics : Seductions (mating games) are ever discouraged and shamed. Manipulating people’s emotions to get love (by either gender) is always frowned upon. But wearing makeup, doing lip, hip, boob and nose job is fine and never comes into the foray of manipulation. Makeup and cosmetics is as manipulative as is seduction. (I don’t condemn any as long as you are doing it to attract someone whom you really like.) What are your self made quotes?
  3. My daughter vs Your daughter : Not only daughter, be it anything. We are selfish double standard approving people. This mind sound harsh but whenever things are bestowed upon us, our outlook changes drastically. Few examples
    1. Boyfriend/Relationship : If your daughter has a boyfriend then its fine. You must allow her complete freedom. But if my daughter has a boyfriend, it doesn’t happen in my family! Our moral compass is always pointing outwards!
    2. Corruption is too bad. We must not give or take bribes. But if it come sto us, our superman argument : It will make no difference if one person gives bribe or It is okay to give small bribe sometimes or I am getting late or It is just an help for the poor government servant!! We have bagful of arguments to justify our own weak situation but we expect the opposite from all others. We = 90%.
    3. Many other similar issues like
      1. Ladies first but they are equal!
      2. Posting emotional messages on parents day but never calling or visiting parents (Especially Mother’s day).
      3. Preaching social media activism about everything starting from cleanliness, saving women (from eve teasing), government work to help poor (but learning 1000 ways for tax evasion in adjacent tab!) etc.

The basic problem with all of us is that we are ‘very nice’ on social media but not so nice in reality. Really helping a girl from goons (I did it couple of times) or eve teasing requires guts and ha sinbuilt risks.

Similarly doing things which society in general does not confirm (Inner invisible rules of society and not what society preaches on social media) needs real courage and character. I now many people who are same from inside and outside but yes those are handful.

What is the biggest financial myth that most people believe?

Hypocrisy is the most prominent hidden (invisible) emotion in society. It is most dangerous too.

Never believe what people say, post of social media (Social media fake image management : SMFIM), advertise in their social circles. Always believe in what they do in real life.