India, Incredible India

  1. No religious blabber :“Religion is the opium of the people” : Karl Marx. Yes India is a religion centric country more than any other country. Only few things unite or divide India namely : Cricket,Bollywood,Politics, [pullquote]for religion, either keep your mouth shut or give neutral or positive opinions.[/pullquote]Nationalism and yes religion. It is a sensitive topic over here.Do not condemn any religious principles specially Hindu (Majority over here). If you are caught in any such dangerous situation, you can be mobbed or stabbed to death. Even authorities can’t (won’t) help you. Thus for religion, either keep your mouth shut or give neutral or positive opinions.
    • A word of caution : Sachin is God of cricket, stay clear. You know what happened to Maria Sharapova.Maria Sharapova incurs wrath of Indian cricket fans: ‘I don’t know of Sachin Tendulkar’. If you don’t know Sachin, please learn about him. It is a unofficial prerequisite to visit India (No pun intended). Please don’t ask in comments ‘who is Sachin!’. It might be your last post on Quora!
    • Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi or NAMO or just Modi : He is god of politics. better BNBR to him as well.
    • Salman Khan is real demigod of Bollywood. No body messes with Bhai!. Same with Rajni Kanth of south. they are cults over here and people are hysteric about their idols.
    • Other topics of caution : RSS, Shree Ram,Kashmir,Pakistan etc. (No pun intended).
  2. Over friendly attitude with girls : Indian girls are fabulous but their brothers are goons.Every beautiful girl over here has too many bodyguards both seen and unseen. If you mess up with any girl, crowd becomes ultimate saviors and judgement is often on the spot with no chance given to you to put forward your case. Hence remain at a safe distance until or unless specific verbal (not non verbal!) invitation is there. Girls are sensitive issue in India.Females are highly valued and they have a high stance in society as far as safety and harassment is concerned.
  3. No anti national slogan : We take nationalism very seriously. Whatever opinion you may form about Indians but if national pride is at stake then we all are guerrilla fighters. Any anti national talk about India is highly frowned upon and dealt harshly. Learn ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’ as a safety measure(No pun intended).
  4. Do not trust strangers : 90% Indians are very nice, humble and honest, but there is always a dark lining in the silver cloud. Thus take extra precaution in trusting over friendly strangers specially who seem to solve all your problems in a jiffy. They are usually the con men who can be very dangerous and it might be life threatening.
    1. Always take taxi from official stand and NOT from the people who stop you in your way out to station.
    2. Never believe in people who say they can arrange special discounts on a hotel located in out skirts of city.
    3. Beware of girls specially the over friendly attractive ones. They are the bait and you are the trap.All in all, don’t talk to strangers over here. You Mom was absolutely correct.
  5. Do not accept any easy to fuck offer,it might really fuck you! : As I cautioned earlier, an easy fuck can fuck your whole life. There are many con girls active and once ensnared they can be very dangerous.
  6. Avoid bad publicity against local powerful and popular leader or even movie star : I cautioned before also. Be special careful about local leaders also. Their followers are fanatic and arguments are vain in front of their blind faith. Bala Saheb Thakery, Jayalalita, Yogi Aditya nath etc. are few very powerful local name. bal Saheb is universal Hindu favorite and not only in mumbai (Maharashtra). He is touted as ‘Hindu Hridaya Samrat’ (Hindu cult leader) also.
  7. Never Show them your wealth : Hide your wealth from strangers as well as hotel staffs etc. Most of them have informers near by them and you can be in big trouble if they know about foreign currency in you bag. Not required for very good hotels but for rural and semi urban areas, maintain a low profile. You can be killed for just an iPhone!

These are just guidelines and cautionary steps and in no way represent India in any sense. People are warm ,nice and friendly. Few scoundrels can’t tarnish warmth and spirituality exhibited by our wonderful country.

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