1. Crying
  2. Showing weak emotions.
  3. Kissing their girlfriends in public. (for men kissing their boyfriends in public is quite a taboo).
  4. Asking for help from fellow men regarding job requiring physical labor. (for men, asking help from a women regarding job requiring physical hard work is quite a taboo).
  5. Wearing lift of dance clothes as well as jewellery.
  6. Calling a man ‘hot’ or ogling him openly.
  7. Asking a strange man out openly. For women we are their crush. For women, men are creepy!
  8. Saying words having no real meaning like ‘aww..’ and getting away with it and sounding sexy. For men the correct description is sounding foolish.
  9. Hitting a man in public. For men, you need to justify as hell as well as ready to give masculinity test!