5 reasons love is tough to confess

  1. Vulnerability exposure : Confessing makes you vulnerable. If you confess your love and other person does not reiterate positively or negatively but lingers you,then you are in trouble. Your weakness for their charms is exposed and now they might take advantage of you in the disguise of false love.
  2. Ego trip : We all are our ego,our self worth. When e love anyone we extend a part of ourselves to them. If they reject us,our self worth diminishes to zero as we have included them also in our love.
  3. Fear of loss : We fear losing our favorite person and hence we fear confessing our love.
  4. Shyness : People are shy even when they know that love is mutual. Usually for girls it is difficult to accept love. Because once they accept your love then you have a sort of right over them. Men are possessive and then ‘she’ is your girl.
  5. Uncertainty : People sometimes don’t confess if the signals are not clear. They might not have above issues but they might not want to make any one uncomfortable by asking odd questions.

Confessing your love might not give you love but surely will give you peace.