Dear Asker, I like you open heartedness about yourself. You are really nice and a sweet girl. Who in this world today opens her heart out to a stranger and on public forum. I don’t know you but I guess you might have a decent soul. You are a pure person buddy. PM me if you want more advice or help. I really liked the way you framed your words and solicited advice.

You might be childish for others but to me you are pure since children are pure. I feel that you love to chat. I can imagine your hair falling over your face and cute smile which now rests on your face. Keep smiling, I like it!

You got some idea of flirting.

Flirting is communicating indirectly or directly to anyone with intentions of relationship. We just test the water via lavish praise,little off the block teasing,some sexual innuendos.

Flirting is testing the response before moving forward. If you respond positively, other person will pick the hint and move ahead. Positive response means reciprocating. Giving some praises in return. Not getting offended by any sexual remarks and taking it in light humor. If I say that I feel your thoughts are sexy and you feel offended,means that either you are childish or you are still not ready for relationship or you don’t like me.