4 benefits of writing

  1. Metacognition : Writing is all about self reflection and metacognition. When ever I am writing anything from my inner thoughts and memory,I am interacting with myself. I am learning,reevaluating my core beliefs and making necessary changes along it. This is just like review of my own thinking process. since I do not write many factual (memory based) answers, I find this method apt for me.
  2. Mirror neurons : Essentially we are the average of five people with whom we spend our most time with. I basically spend my quality free time on internet and am always charged with high intellectual energy and thought process. Many brilliant writers illuminate my thoughts and I feel effect of mirror neurons on me.
  3. Writing skills : My storytelling and narration skills are honed by writing. You only realize after quite some time that eventually every body who can read, can write well.
  4. Mental clarity : It is well known fact that if we vent out our feelings, our mind gets cleared of emotional as well as mental blocks. My purpose of writing is to clear my mind as well as dispersing my knowledge to the world. Any how I am going to die and I must contribute to the society in my own manner.