Success has different meanings at different junctures of life.

  1. Milestone stage : When you a student, getting good grades, rank in class, academic milestones define your success. These are low grade success stages, even though they seem quite huge at the moment.
  2. Targets stage : After achieving milestones like grades,good job etc comes target stage. Usually a house,big car, traveling across world etc. Targets stage brings some tangible pleasures​. You enjoy this stage as well as struggle for bigger targets.
  3. Goals stage : After achieving considerable success in life and confidence to face life easily and comfortably, people focus on goals of life. They want some thing grand for themselves, name,fame, extraordinary success, something really useful for world. They get bored by money and want real success. This urge creates risk takers,entrepreneurs and real people.

Thus success is term based on context. Everyone has their own definitions and vocabulary.

via What is meant by Success according to you? How do you define it as per your experience?