Uttar Pradesh is a notorious place to live and survive.

I remember in college times we were a big group of boys. Since we were large in number, we were quite bully to almost everyone, even out seniors.

Once we had argument over seats in cafeteria. Two of our members fought with another group. Fight escalated soon.

Out of sudden a member of staff arrived with an official. Two members of other group said ‘ we are gonna launch police FIR, you all are screwed , you are literally dead!’

Most of us were freshers and we freaked. Coincidentally we had a guy who was repeater. He said ‘200 m’.

Everyone was stunned. What is this ‘200m’.

He said ‘Police station is 200m from here. You will launch a complain only if you reach there!’. Before you screw ours, we will screw your life here!.

A two minutes silence and truth prevailed!

They left the place unharmed by tending written apology to not to do this again!!