I have definitely experienced it.

  1. One way
  2. Both way (mutual) unrequited
  3. One way (from other side)
  4. Both way (mutual) requited
  • Love is cocktail and not a fairy tale. It is not always bed of roses but at times contains thorns.
  • Love is a complete emotion.
  • Love,liking, friendship,Jealousy,fighting,cursing,weeping,laughing… almost roller coaster of emotions.

Women feel men are complicated and men feel women are!

It’s like two people talking to each other in different languages. Men and women , both process thoughts and emotions differently. At times in almost diametrically opposite way. This makes love so much so interesting.

  • You can be assured that you are in love, when you start to think about someone 24 hours in the background.
  • Wherever you go, whatever you do, they just sit there, watching and observing you silently. They are omnipresent with you, ever.

Why true lovers never cheat ?

Because they think about their lovers 24 hours.

Not thinking about him/her while reading this ?

Your love is immature yet!

  • It happens only when love becomes absolute. You forget about everything.
  • Your lover becomes a thread in your mind. They are no where on surface but everywhere underneath.

A word of caution :

  • Never go that deep with immature partner or emotionless partner. Every one cannot feel emotions that deep.
  • Emotional compatibility is paramount. If you get stuck with a jerky partner, it’s all tears and no smiles.
  • The most difficult part with these narcissists or psychopaths is that they love when you suffer!

Your pain is their dose of intoxication.