The matrix theory has following flaws.

  1. If world is a computer program simulated by future civilizations, even then the infinite complexity of world doesn’t make sense. World has infinite variables and constants intertwined into a very complex scientific fabric. Start from relativity, gravitational waves, DNA structure, infinite microorganisms, infinitely complex universe, infinitely complex atomic structure, functioning of mind, our bodies and infinitely many other complex variables. And yes I have not yet started to count about complex mathematical ideas which even god will find difficult to understand!
    1. Mathematics is always 200 years ahead of science. Number theory, once considered only theoretical and redundant (developed in 18th century) has found its purpose now in RSA encrypting technology, the technology used to protect your passwords. It consists of two keys. Basically they find two very big prime number, multiply them and give the answer to both the server and the user. Each one has their respective prime factor. When you enter your password on any web server, the server multiplies your corresponding prime number for your strings of words to test their passkey. If they match, you get the access. Since product of two primes is unique, your pass-code combination is always unique. Higher mathematics is very complex and abstract. It will surely find its use, may be centuries later.
  2. To make a complex system this huge will require more energy than the whole universe ever has (System needs energy to run and total energy used will surpass the total energy available in universe to run it). Part cannot be more than whole.
  3. Their is no need to make such a complex system to run just to simulate the world. It makes no sense for future generations to spend millions on making a system which has no practical advantage.
  4. I see a possibility. Although it is impossible to create whole system, we can create simulated objects and systems. We may have AI humans in between us, just like us.

We are not trapped in a computer program and we are real. Its another thing that our mind’s have been brainwashed and controlled by Big fat corporation controlled media.

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