I am very simple at heart.

I have learnt psychological hacks, seduction methods and many other tactics to deal with people in life and I am quite equipped to deal with whatever sht world can present to me.

All these methods are only a shield to protect my innocent heart. I do test people. If they are really genuine, I play no mind games whatsoever with them. I bare myself to you to the extent you open up. There are layers under layers. More you open up, better person in me you will find.

Play games, mind games, psychological tactics, ego validation, clever maneuvers and best of luck to you.

I start with zero. No cleverness, mind games etc. I assume everyone to be genuine. As things unfold, I chose my direction. I guess thi sis also a problem. People assume you to play some games, some tricks of the trade, some pretense. They often think me to be emotional fool or too simple.

I am your perception.

What is the one habit that can transform your world forever?