Want to be my friend. There following perks await for you.

  1. I am a very good listener. I understand. I never rush to intervene you and show you my knowledge and wisdom. In fact however selfish this might sound, I will try to learn something from you. I am always a blank slate before you.
  2. I am well read and infinitely curious. You can talk to me on almost any topic ranging from philisophy to science to psychology to music to films to politics to religion to anything under the sun. If I have more information, I will enrich you and if I have less information, I will learn from you. I am contributor in any discussion.
  3. I am sensitive but I have zero ego (not zero pride). You said something wrong. I am angry. One text and all sorted out. I keep absolutely no emotional baggage. Yes I am moody and sometimes I have emotional tantrums but your will cherish that for sure.
  4. Many people (specially girls) have complemented that they have never met someone like me before. I am funny, talkative, naughty. I change topics fast. Switch mood faster. I am great in communication if I really like you.
  5. I am a single focus person. If I am with you, I am only with you. Usually I have no peep notification or other notification on my phone. If I am chatting with you, I am only chatting with you.
  6. I am street smart and easy go lucky person. I am always cool. No tension, no worry, always in funzone. Yes I will funzone you.
  7. I am unpredictable. I love surprises. I will be in front of you when you never expect. I will always be that smile on your face wherever you remember me.

I am addictive.

As a bonus, I never boast about me!