If you want to kill a plant,there are many ways. You can just snatch it and throw it out of the ground abruptly and it dies. Or you can cut it into half and it will die sooner or later.

The best way of death of least pain is to stop nourishing it and feeding it. It will die its own death.

Same here, friendship is a plant which needs constant nourishment else it die slowly. Slowly stop interacting with her and she will get over in your mind and vice versa.

Second point, chatting for hours is NOT love. She might be using you as an emotional dump. When her jerky boy friend might not give her attention she uses you for time pass and validation. You are basically her entertainment when her boyfriend is not there!

This is a common method used by a lot of girls to use guys as a time pass and later return to their original boy friends when conditions are appropriate. She is toxic for you. Better leave her and focus your mind in studies or career.

PS : This tendency is gender independent. Many guys also use girls for time pass. They have many such emotional dumps. Only difference is that they might use them physically or other wise,in addition to time pass. Girls usually are limited to emotional misuse and refrain from physical relationships.

PPS : There is one more stark difference between male and female time pass dumps. A female runs for help only when her boy friend misbehaves and is not available. While a male runs for ‘help’ when he has a stable nice girl friend and just looking for ‘other’ options for additional time pass. Guys also love only one girl at a time but have many ‘time passes’ just to sooth their ego and physical needs. Hence girls usually are more faithful than guys.

No one to blame here. This is all evolutionary.