It’s all in the perception

  • Nature of mind : The position from where these guys are speaking is top of a cliff and where you are observing is bottom of that cliff.Mind changes. When you are successful, mind often forgets the negatives details and its intensity. Hence when they give you path ways, the difference in vision creeps in.If you reach the top of cliff you will agree with them word by word!
  • Our glasses of life : We all have our own beliefs and preconceived notions. We don’t follow advice blindly but apply our own set of beliefs. Hence we often feel the difference.
  • Personal experience and not those who became rich by selling books only : I always advise to read autobiographies and not self help books written by authors who have got their wealth by writing books only!

Secret to success is pretty simple and has been explored and decoded many times. Get expert in an one field. Reach top 1% of your field and get rich. But the way isn’t that easy.

The patience required is infinite and learning curve is steep.