10 habits of Happy couples

  1. They can talk/chat incessantly for hours with each other.
  2. They can enjoy their silence time i.e. without talking they are not bored.
  3. They can ‘sense’ mood of another person without much interaction. They can notice small differences in communication style.
  4. For them time really flies fast when they are with each other.Four hours may seem like half an hour.
  5. They live in present and not worry about distant future too much.They realize the power of now and know that present will too fly soon.
  6. They are open minded,trust their partners completely but respect their choice of freedom.
  7. They abstain from mind games and are completely natural. Instead of judging they understand different parameters which can affect day to day lives of people.
  8. They are supportive instead of prohibitive.
  9. They avoid blame games and complaining too much.
  10. Last point : They are often non existent!