My mother died at 3am at night 24 years back.

She died of brain tumor. I was sitting there in the stairs of army hospital. I was young at that time, 15 years old.

Doctors told me that she will be fine and asked me to go home. I and my younger brother (he was 11) were waiting outside the hospital even after repeated assurances.

My father was posted in Jaipur and he was called urgently. Both of us had not eaten anything and were extremely tired. She was in ICU.

I went to the ward to get a last glimpse of her. Nurse said go home she will be fine tomorrow.

I looked through glass door. She was having oxygen cylinders and lots of drips. I couldn’t take it and started crying instead.

Came out on stairs again,under blue sky,where my brother was waiting for any good news.

I kind of felt dying.

Told him with fake smile that ‘ she is fine’ but couldn’t control my tears.

He also started crying.

The very same moment I heard a meek voice in my ears. Someone whispered, I am fine here.. Don’t worry. I turned back. No one was there.

I guess that was the last time she connected with me. I guess she is still fine.

Miss you Mom.