Most pleasurable thing for any woman is man’s tongue.

Oh you dirty mind, I mean his ability to connect and talk.

Yes research has proven that penis size comes at number six at girls priority. Also the girls are more attracted to girth size of penis.

When people talk about penis size, they are usually referring to penis length. But according to one study, penis width is more important in determining if a potential mate “measures up.”

The TRUTH About Whether Penis Size Actually Matters To Women

Anatomically speaking, 90% of pleasure tissues lie near two inches of vagina, measured from outside (same for penis). Look god is also not concerned about penis size!

Does penis size really matter? New survey reveals the answer and the ideal ‘length’

Thus two inches is what it needs to pleasure a woman.

It’s not about size of the wand but how a magician uses it. Sachin tendulkar with same bat can hit tons, while you can’t even score a single.

Pleasuring a woman is a skill. It’s a combination of talking, connecting and loving. Sex is more emotion to woman than physical.