My daughter is my personal assistant. She knows all things which I need ever!

  • My purse, always in her school bag (she doesn’t go to school yet but has a bag)
  • My mobile : Many times in her closet.
  • She eats with me in my thali, thus I am accustomed to eat in very small portions.
  • She is just like me. Moody.
  • You can always find her in my chair, the moment I leave it!
  • She is only interested in the gadget I am using!
  • She is three years old but I love her when she says “Apna khayal rakhiyega” (Take care), when ever I go for work.
  • With the frequency of ringing bell she can tell “Papa aa gaye” (Dad has come).
  • She is smart. She uses full sentences like “aapko mujhe marne ka koi haq nahin hai!” (You have no right to beat me). No one does but this is her standard defense if any one threatens.
  • She has Veto power over every decision in house. She wins by “I will cry hard and your ears will blow method!”
  • My Son who ever wanted a little (read cute little) sister now repents for his prayers!
  • I remember few episodes of Doremon, Chota bheem and Sinchan by heart!
  • When she is awake she makes it impossible for us to sleep, but when she sleeps,it becomes impossible to live…

No one loves like kids, pure,unadulterated,unselfish and unconditional.

As suggested by Surveen Soni here is my cutie pie.