2 ways to forget your ex girlfriend easily

  1. Think about one thought or work you enjoy the most apart from your girl.
    1. If it is related to profession (i.e. money), its better. Money can trump every other thought including sex and girls!
    2. Suppose you love web development. Now start to do your job like start a new website.
    3. The most difficult part is starting and first five minutes. Believe me and if you don’t believe, try it now.
  2. Mind has a basic flaw or peculiarity.
    1. Mind can focus on only one prime thought at any given moment. Try thinking about even two sexiest ladies at one time. You will fail.
    2. Our mind works on its own and flows like a river. In practice depression is a luxury. Our mind doesn’t know whats good or bad. It focus more on loss than gain. As you start a job you are passionate about, your emotional brain switches off (since it can resource energy only to one task). In less than 10 minutes you will find your self at ease.
    3. Works every time . Only thing is that whether you can start and survive those few initial minutes of threshold.

Hence don’t think to concentrate but do it.